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Choosing the correct seat at a poker game will improve your game.

Playing poker is not only about having the right strategy. Although understanding how the game works and how you can influence the outcome of the game is crucial, there are additional factors that can affect your success rates.

Whether you attend real-life poker tournaments or you choose to play poker online, you should think about the sitting arrangements before you raise the stakes.

You probably think: nothing can be further from the truth. A lot of players believe that since your position constantly changes, there is no such thing as picking the right seat.

However, given a chance, we might be able to change your mind. Do you want to learn more about the significance of choosing the best seat when playing poker?

Which Seat is the Best?

The first thing you have to consider when you want to play poker is what kind of table you should join. Whether you’re showing up at a real tournament or you play live online poker, you often get to choose between various poker tables that are available to you.

Choosing the right table can influence your entire experience, and you need to consider the following factors when checking out all the options: first of all, check out the atmosphere around the table. Do the players seem to be in good spirits, or are they looking a bit uptight? If the players at the table are too serious to your liking, they might make you nervous, thus affecting your ability to play – especially if you’re an inexperienced poker player.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the amount of money on the table. You don’t want to sit at a table where there is little cash making the rounds. In that case, your competitors will be more reluctant to part with their money, and that will affect your chances of making a profit. It is recommended that you choose the table where most players have stacks that are worth at least 50 times more than the big blind.

The size of the stacks can also help you determine what kind of players are sitting at the tables: are they more experienced than you? Do they have a lot of chips because they annihilated other players who tried to join them? Do you even have the chance to outsmart at least one of them, or are they waiting for their next victim and that’s why there is an opening at that table?

You can also assess the situation when playing at an online gambling venue if you sit out a round or two. That way, you will be able to get a general feeling about the type of table you’re sitting at, and if it is not to your liking – you can always switch to another one.

Now, if there are numerous available seats at the table you choose, you need to make a quick decision about where is the best place for you to sit. According to Mike Caro, a renowned poker expert, money flows clockwise around the poker table. Because of that, you should always sit to the left of someone who can pass on his fortune to you at some point.

If you have position on someone with a substantial stack, you will get a better chance at increasing your profits, even in an online casino environment.

In Conclusion

When choosing where to sit at the poker table, you should take into account the following factors:

  • Which table has the most laid back atmosphere?
  • Is there enough money going around the table?
  • Are the players at the table better than you? Do you have a chance to win?
  • Is there an open seat to the left of the most successful player?

If you think about all of those things, you might get a better chance of having a productive and enjoyable gambling session.