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Coffee: is it good or bad for your poker play?

Players will often do everything that's in their power to get a straight flush, or any strong hand, and win at poker. They are willing to practice for hours on end, learn all about the game, and try every available method to increase their wins.

Some of those methods include the intake of certain beverages that are associated with better performance at the poker table. Many players believe that coffee and energy drinks, which are considered as fuel for the body, are capable of helping them achieve better results at the tables.

But are they correct in their assumptions? Can caffeinated drinks improve your poker play, or will it hinder your abilities? Learn all about how caffeine can affect your chances of mastering poker in our Everygame poker guide.

The Effects of Caffeine

The word caffeine is often associated with an energy boost, vivacity, and focus. This commonly used substance is able to stimulate the central nervous system, which can lead to some surprising results.

When consumed safely (the recommended daily dosage is 400mg), caffeinated drinks can have a positive effect on your life. According to studies and reported by the National Institutes of Health, it can lead to the following results:

  • Increase your alertness and attention, with a lasting effect of about 4 hours post-consumption
  • Improve your well-being
  • Help your concentration
  • Elevate your mood or limit depression
  • Diminish pain caused by headaches and migraines
  • Caffeine was associate with a reduced risk of developing cognitive decline, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, heart problems, and stroke.

However, in some cases, it can also lead to less-than-desirable outcomes, especially when consumed in large doses:

  • Sensitive people might experience disruptions in their sleeping patterns
  • Some people might feel anxious after consuming caffeinated drinks
  • Young individuals might experience behavioral problems
  • Many people become dependent on caffeine and might develop withdrawal symptoms if they stop consuming caffeine out of the blue.

Taking all this information into account, if you drink a limited number of coffee cups or energy drinks (which contain quite a lot of caffeine), you can enjoy the benefits and improve your poker play.

It can help you remain focused on the game, especially if you try to multi-table. It can also help you remain positive and calm when you face a tough challenge, which will help you make calculated and well thought out decisions.

How Much Caffeine is There in Your Drinks?

If the goal is to consume no more than 400mg of caffeine a day, you need to know how much caffeine your favorite drinks contain.

When it comes to coffee – the holy grail of caffeinated drinks – a brewed cup of 237ml contains 96mg of caffeine, instant coffee (237ml) contains 62mg, and a shot of espresso (30ml) has 64mg of caffeine.

Next in line we have teas, and in a 237ml cup, brewed black tea contains 47mg of the desirable substance, brewed green has 28mg in it, and bottled tea contains 19mg.

Sodas and energy drinks are also considered as caffeinated beverages, as Cola (237ml) has 22mg of caffeine in it, a standard energy drink has 29mg, and an energy shot(30ml) can contain up to 215mg of caffeine. Surprisingly enough, root beer contains almost no caffeine at all.

The Mayo Clinic reports that decaf drinks, on the other hand, can contain 0-2mg of caffeine – which will have very little effect on your body.

In Conclusion

When you play poker online, drinking up to four or five cups of coffee can help you reach better results. At least that's what studies show! How much caffeine do you consume on a daily basis?