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Some internet poker sites have made contractual agreements with land based casinos in the United States to run those casinos' online poker rooms. This does not mean that all other online poker rooms are unsafe. Everygame is 100% safe in every way.

Poker Online at Everygame is Fully Regulated in Curacao

We are reading that some internet sites are putting all online poker rooms that are not contractually connected with land based casinos and sports books in the U.S. in one large basket to be avoided.  We here at Everygame are dedicated to the fairest, safest, and most secure poker and sports betting experience anywhere.

Everygame Poker Has Served Millions Since 1996

In this news report, we will explain and defend Everygame Poker and Sportsbook against the unfounded implication that online poker rooms that are not regulated by the state in which they are legal are not safe for people who wish to play poker online.  Everygame is 100% committed to the safety and security of our players’ assets.  We do everything we can to create a fair and absolutely safe online poker environment.


Newly legalized sports betting in the United States is the big gambling story of 2018.  Many articles about sports betting compare and combine sports betting with online poker.  Even Everygame is both an online poker room and an online sports book.  Nevertheless, the two gambling activities are quite different from each other.
Online poker in the United States was specifically exempted in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA).   Several states in the U.S. have legal and internally regulated online poker.  Several others are seriously considering legalizing online poker in their jurisdictions in 2019. 
Every state that legalizes online poker has to put in place its own set of regulations. This has led to the unfair and unfounded message to online poker players that any online poker room that is regulated outside the U.S. is unsafe.
Sports betting was made illegal in all but four U.S. states back in 1992 when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was passed into law.  This law was struck down in May 2018 by the United States Supreme Court.  Since then, many states have begun regulating sports betting and many others are considering doing so as quickly as they can.
So, both legally and historically, sports betting and online poker are two very different gambling activities.

How Online Poker Works in the United States

In most states that already have regulated online poker, the online poker room is run by a land based casino.  The land based casinos have entered into contractual agreements with some well-known online poker sites to run their online poker rooms.
The implication given on far too many so-called impartial sites is that any online poker room that is not in a contractual agreement with a land based casino is somehow suspect.  This is a terrible implication since it is entirely false.

Established in 1996

Everygame began operation in 1996.  We are certified, registered, and regulated in Curacao, Dutch Antilles. Online casino players and poker players often ask why most of the regulatory bodies that formed in the 1990s and early 2000s were in small countries like the Dutch Antilles.  The simple reason is that large countries and governments did not want online gaming in any form.  They felt that it would be too hard to control and to collect tax revenue from.
That was their mistake.  Today, there are many government bodies in larger countries that regulate the online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms in their jurisdiction. 
The fact is that online casinos and their affiliates in sports betting and poker want regulations.  Players feel safer when they know that any gambling activity they do online is being regulated by an authorizing government.

False Generalizations

Some internet sites are reporting that only state approved and regulated online poker rooms are safe.  This is blatantly false.  At Everygame we protect your assets with the same type of encryption protocol that the big online banks and investment firms use.  This encryption basically creates a pair of data that go back between your server and the casino.
There are so many possible combinations that it would take several lines of zeroes to write the number down. 
Everygame is aware that some online sites may be less safe than we are.  Nevertheless, it is entirely unfair to lump Everygame with those others.

Responsible Gambling

Everygame is also completely committed to responsible gambling on the part of our gamers.  We offer several methods for gamers to control their gambling.  Here are three areas that players can enlist to control their gambling: self-awareness, self-exclusion, and setting monetary gambling limits.
All players, whether they think they have a gambling problem or not, must maintain enough awareness of their gambling activity to know if simple gambling has developed into a problem.  Gambling is not the only area of life that requires this level of self-awareness.  We might mention alcohol consumption, eating or not eating, exercising, and television watching.
We see it as part of our corporate responsibility to our players to offer them ways to control their gambling activity, if it is, in fact, problematic for them.  We aren’t aware of similar efforts by fast food companies or large internet shopping sites to do the same for their customers.
We feel that it is the height of irresponsibility to give American sports bettors and online poker players the impression that only those few companies with agreements with specific land based casinos are legitimate sites for sports betting and online poker.


Everygame is also committed to maintaining your privacy.  We ask for only a minimum amount of personal information to accurately manage your account from the moment your money reaches us until the moment your withdrawal is registered at your bank or e-wallet.


Everygame offers the full range of banking options.  These include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, direct bank transfers, and others.  Every banking method is doubly protected: by Everygame and by the financial company itself.  Your money is absolutely safe at Everygame whether it is in transit to Everygame, in transit back to you from Everygame, or in your account at Everygame.

Play Safely at Everygame

For all the reasons we have given here and in many other places on our site, we maintain that Everygame is equally as safe, secure, and properly regulated as any other online poker room or sports book.  You can feel 100% safe when you avail yourselves of our products and services.