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Is online poker rigged or not?

Online gaming might be more popular than ever, but some people still have a deep mistrust of automated games. Believing that the house always has the edge, thus causing them to lose, causes players to refrain from playing online poker.

Even though the technology has evolved to an extent that allows you to have a highly realistic gambling experience, some players stick to their old ways, preferring to participate in live events due to their mistrust of online venues.

But truth be told, there is nothing to fear. Online poker rooms – the legit ones – are unlikely to rig their games. Why is that? And how can you be sure the casino you plan on visiting is legit and safe to join?

Why Online Poker is Fair and Safe

Truth be told, online casinos don't have any reason to trick and deceive you. In fact, it is in the casino's best interests to make you happy and encourage you to come back, and they won't achieve that if they provide you with a reason to suspect their integrity.

Simply put, online poker venues have too much to lose if they betray your trust. Therefore, legit poker websites – and we're putting an emphasis on the legit – are bound to do everything within their power to offer you a safe and fair gambling environment.

So, why do people still believe that online poker is rigged? Well, as humans tend to do, many poker players base their beliefs on personal experience instead of relying on pure data.

When players hit a losing streak while playing poker online, their brains can automatically lead them to believe there is something wrong with the situation. But in reality, even a pair of aces – which is arguably the strongest starting hand you can have in poker – doesn't guarantee a win.

Those who need further reassurance that the game isn't rigged can look up the data themselves. Nowadays, online venues allow you to download your hand's history, so you might keep track of what cards you were dealt, who won or lost, and so on. If you gather enough data, you could use an analytic program to test and see whether your winning percentage is not what it should be.

How to Spot a Legit Casino

As we've mentioned earlier, you can trust most casinos out there, as long as they are legit. But how can you determine whether a poker venue is reliable or not? Generally, the rule of thumb is that when things look too good to be true - they are usually untrustworthy.

Here is how you can spot a casino that can provide you with a fair gambling experience:

  • It has good a reputation – Luckily, the poker community is a tight-knit group, and there are plenty of platforms on which players share their gambling experiences. That is where you can get the info you need to figure out whether players have any misgivings regarding online poker venues.

  • It has a comprehensive authentication process – There are some online poker venues that allow you to place bets without asking for your personal information. And while some people prefer to gamble anonymously, that also means the security at those casinos is not stellar. Those shady venues shouldn't be trusted, as you never know who actually sits at the tables and whether you're dealing with a real person or a bot. And while going through a tideous authentication process can be annoying, it will ensure your safety as you play.

  • It uses the services of a well-known software provider – Again, we come back to the most important thing a casino can have: which is a good reputation. There are a few highly popular software providers many online poker rooms use, and their success speaks for itself. So, if you run into a casino that uses a renowned software provider, you can rest easy and place your bets.

  • The promotions and tournament details look reasonable – Sometimes, the casino might seem legit. But when you read the small print, you discover that the terms and conditions of the available promotions and tournaments are unreasonable. Make sure you feel comfortable with what the casino has to offer before you deposit cash into your account.

In Conclusion

Overall, it is safe to say that most online poker rooms are legit, and the games aren't rigged. Are you ready to start playing?  Then try out the BEST:  Everygame Poker!