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Who doesn't dream of having the perfect hand when playing online poker? It doesn't matter whether you're risking your own money or using a poker welcome bonus. Either way, people always hope they will be able to win.

But what are the odds of you getting just the right cards to outshine and outsmart your competition? Well, it all depends on your starting hand.

A starting hand consists of two cards the player gets at the beginning of every round. Those cards belong solely to him, and no one else can see them as the game is taking place. The better your starting hand is, the higher your chances of winning the game.

However, if the cards you're dealt aren't as high as you might hope, you will need to rely on the flop, turn, or river to reveal some wonderful combinations. And we all know that is not something that happens nearly as often as we'd like.

So, to better understand your winning odds, you should learn all about the most powerful starting hands you can have. Once you do, you might choose to adjust your strategy accordingly!

Top Starting Hands and Relevant Strategies
We can divide the strongest starting hands into two sub-groups.

In the first - and most powerful - group, you'll find a starting hand of AA\KK. Those are by far the most promising cards you can have at the beginning of every game, as they give you 83%-85% chance of winning. However, don't get cocky! Even if you have a cracking start, that doesn't mean you're unbeatable. Sometimes, the community cards will play in favor of a weaker hand, leaving you to bite the dust.

Take a look at the following example: you can start your game with ♥A and ♦A as hole cards. And let's assume your opponent has ♠3 and ♣7. While your hand seems more promising, the flop might reveal the following cards: ♥7, ♦9, ♣Q. So far, your hand is much stronger. You might call or even raise the stakes, but the turn will reveal a ♠7. Now, you're in big trouble. Unless the river reveals another ace, you're doomed.

So, how can you make the most of a strong starting hand, even if there is no guarantee you'll have the upper hand? It's simple: try to intimidate your competition at the pre-flop stage. Try to eliminate as many players as possible before the community cards are revealed, which will raise your odds of winning.

The second group of starting hands includes the following: QQ, JJ, TT, 99. Those card combinations have a 72%-80% chance of winning, which is not bad at all. While those hands are inferior to AA's and KK's, they have the potential to surpass most hands.

However, they can still be beaten by quite a few card combinations. Therefore, if you have decent hole cards, try to raise as much as possible. But remember not to go overboard! If your competitors are making bold moves, it might be better for you to tap out.

In Conclusion...
The right hole cards you're dealt in your next poker game can make all the difference between a successful gambling session and a disappointing one. Be sure to change your betting strategy according to the cards you get, and you will be able to raise your chances of winning the entire pot!