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How are you planning on celebrating National Poker Day?

There's a national day for every possible occasion on the planet: in April alone, you can celebrate National Cheese Ball Day, National Garlic Day, and even National Librarian Day. Each day reminds us to have fun and enjoy the small things in life. So, on April 19, you get to celebrate National Poker US Day!

Find out what this day is all about, who started it all, and why – before you go out there and place some bets to enjoy this year's National Poker Day.

National Poker Day: What it is All About

While the game itself has been around for hundreds of years, National US Poker Day was founded fairly recently. Rick McNeely, a DJ that resides in Arlington, founded several national days for the world to celebrate – including this gambling-oriented holiday. If you also want to celebrate National BBQ Day (on May 16), National Video Game Day (July 8), and National Selfie Day (June 21) – you came to the right person!

On this special day, poker fans are encouraged to play the game they love – even if it's just any other weekday – and remind themselves why the game deserves to be the center of attention from time to time.

Even though National Poker Day was established only in 2019, the game itself has been getting plenty of attention for the past couple of decades. Even before being featured in dozens of movies, TV shows, and popular books – poker was probably one of the most popular casino games in prestigious gambling rooms for years and years.

In fact, historians claim that the game came to New Orleans as early as 1829, brought to North America by French settlers. At first it was known as 'poque', but slowly, the game evolved and became what it is nowadays.

How to Celebrate National Poker Day

With this special holiday just around the corner, only one question remains: how are you going to commemorate this national day? Here are a few ideas you might find exciting:

  1. Play poker online – On this exhilarating national day, you can join hundreds of fellow players in celebrating poker without even leaving your house. Just pick a table and place your bets while enjoying extra special bonuses and promotions available solely on this day!
  2. Host a game night – Share your love for the game with the closest people to you by organizing an evening to remember. Get some snacks, stack your chips, and get ready for a fun night with your friends and family.
  3. Join a tournament – Turn this exhilarating day into an unforgettable adventure by adding some challenges to the mix. If you enjoy poker in a competitive setting, joining a tournament might help you remember exactly what you love about this game.
  4. Have a poker-inspired movie marathon – You can enjoy poker in different ways, and not all of them require you to put your money on the line. If you prefer to take a more laid-back approach to enjoying poker, you should consider having a movie night inspired by the game. Watch Poker Face, Molly's Game, Rounders, and dozens of other poker-related movies to make the most of this day.

Are You Ready to Have Some Fun?

Our Everygame Poker team wishes you a happy National Poker Day! Celebrate your love for the game by playing a hand or two at our tables and enjoy the dozens of special offers we have in store for every player.