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Poker and friendships go hand in hand!

Poker is considered a game of skill for many reasons. Not only does it require adequate knowledge of the games' rules and playing tactics, but it also confronts the players with an unpredictable factor: their opponents.

Playing poker online against your friends and other poker enthusiasts makes this game exhilarating and harder to master. Even if you choose to play this game online instead of traveling to the nearest land-based venue, you will be able to surround yourself with the best players out there and feel like a part of the poker community.

So, if you want to play poker for the social aspect of the game, you should learn the best ways in which you can include other players in your poker adventure!

3 Top Ways to Join Your Friends Playing Poker

There are many ways for you to enjoy both the game itself and the company of fellow players. Here are a few ideas you might find enticing:

  1. Join online poker tournaments – Online poker tournaments are rather intense, as there is often a lot of money on the line. However, those events also present you with the perfect opportunity to interact with dozens of players. With whom you probably have plenty of common interests! Everygame hosts changing tournaments and satellite events like the Wipeout Series, so you will always be able to join in on the fun.
  2. Watch live poker streams – Poker live streams have become more and more popular in recent years. Watching an Everygame live stream on Twitch or other platforms will allow you to learn more about the game, join in on ongoing discussions, and ingrate yourself into the fabric of the online poker community.
  3. Invite friends to play the same games – While you can meet plenty of new poker players at different poker events, nothing can compare to playing your favorite game with your closest friends. You can always download special apps that allow you to host your own poker games. But if you want to participate in more official poker games, you should simply invite your friends to join the same games as you. That way, you will be able to compete for the same prize and create some fun memories together.

How to Play an Online Poker Session with Friends

Before you and your friends begin your poker sessions simultaneously, you need to take into account a few details.

First of all, think of how many friends you should invite. According to players, the ideal number of participants in a poker game is between eight and ten people. Not only will a large number of players challenge you more, but it will also help the pot grow faster and provide you with more opportunities to shine.

Once you know who to invite, you can move on to scheduling a date and time in which to play. Do your friends live in the same time zone as you? Are they all free to play on weekends, or do they prefer to place bets in the middle of the week?

After you figure out all those details, there are two more things left for you to decide: which event do you want to join? And how much money are you willing to spend?

In Conclusion

Playing poker, surrounding yourself with friends and other players, and decent cash prizes – does that sound like the perfect gambling experience, or what?