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Playing poker? Learn how to celebrate your wins!

After learning the rules of the game, practicing for hours on end, and playing poker online as much as possible – there is nothing more satisfying than winning big. It is always fun for your efforts and dedication to pay off, so when players get a major win, there is one thing to do: celebrate.

But while enjoying your victory is practically a requirement, there is a right way to celebrate your own success – and a wrong one. What is the best way to pat yourself on the back after a big poker win? And what things should you refrain from doing? Now is your chance to learn how to make the most of every poker win!

Why Does it Matter How You Celebrate Poker Wins?

According to cognitive neuroscientist Ian Robertson, winning in a competitive environment positively affects the brain. Apparently, whenever you win, you trigger an array of positive feelings and emotions. Those can change the way your brain is wired, causing you to seek out similar experiences that will retrigger those positive feelings.

And while winning can boost your confidence and help you become more decisive in the future, it can also lead to unnecessary recklessness. Some players take their wins out of proportion, believing that if they’ve won once – they are bound to win again, and that's a dangerous state of mind as you never know what the future might bring.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't revel in your wins – because celebrating from time to time is healthy. But you have to remain clearheaded even when you're hit with the adrenaline rush following a successful poker session! If you manage to keep yourself in check, you can enjoy the benefits of a major win without suffering from adverse side effects.

5 Rules of Celebrating Your Wins

To properly celebrate any poker sins, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Treat yourself – When playing poker online, you're all by yourself. The moment after your win, there might not be anyone around you to congratulate you and share your excitement. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun on your own. You should definitely treat yourself to something that will make you feel good: order delicious takeout, book yourself a spa day, or do some online shopping. Anything that makes you happy (without requiring you to go over budget) goes!
  2. Take a short break – After winning big, you might feel pressured to repeat your success as soon as possible. That kind of expectation can stress out even the toughest of players, which is why taking some time off might be a good idea. Step away from the tables for a few days so you might come back to the game with a clear mind and renewed focus.
  3. Share your excitement with family and friends – Even though they can't be there the moment you win - you should share the good news with your loved ones as soon as possible! Nothing can compare with the support your friends and family can shower you with.
  4. Remain modest – After winning a large sum of money, you might get hit with one of two urges: either spend all of your wins straight away or go back to the tables immediately, believing you are more likely to win again. But the most important thing you must remember is that nothing can guarantee you'll win big time and time again. So, if you don't want to get into financial trouble due to overconfidence – you should play it smart and stay humble.
  5. Go back for another round – Once you've enjoyed your big win to the utmost of your ability and you've allowed the adrenaline levels to come down, go back to the poker tables and keep playing the game you love.

Play, Win, and Party!

To thoroughly enjoy your poker wins, you should follow a few simple tips that can save you a lot of heartaches. Are you ready to place your bets?