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Are you ready for some fun poker facts?

Did you know that poker has been around since 1829? And that the game we are familiar with today was developed in New Orleans by French settlers? Poker has a rich and interesting history, some of it relatively mundane, but the game has some fun and unexpected sides to it as well.

If you are planning on using online poker sign up bonuses sooner rather than later, you've probably already learned everything you can about the game's rules and possible tactics you can use. But while knowing the basics of the game is enough to get you through a gambling session, learning about the game's history and fun side can add an unexpected dimension of enjoyment to your experience!

To get you into the right frame of mind before you place your online poker bets, we've gathered some of the most interesting and entertaining poker facts you might appreciate.

Did You Know That About Poker?

  1. The longest poker game in history lasted for… years – Have we managed to surprise you? While some players are boasting they were able to play poker for a few days in a row, it can't compare to those who played the same poker game for eight years.

    Yes, you've heard it right. According to legends (as there aren't any official records to prove the story is true), the longest poker game in history took place in the Bird Cage Theater in Arizona. The game supposedly began in 1881 and lasted eight years, five months, and three days.

    Did the players play every day, or did they meet up from time to time to continue the same game? And who eventually won? Unfortunately, all those questions will remain unanswered.

  2. Online poker officially became a thing in 1998 – while online casino games have been around since the early 90s, they were merely a gimmick and didn't involve any real money bets.

    However, on the 1st of January 1998, the first real-money online poker game became available on the Planet Poker website. This game was the start of something magnificent, leading to the fast growth of the online poker market.

  3. A famous politician funded his first political campaign with poker winnings – Do you know who we are talking about? If your first instinct was to think of former president Richard Nixon, you were correct!

    According to reports, Nixon became a very good five-card stud poker player in his youth, and he used the money he won while playing to fund his first congressional campaign.

  4. A poker player can lose more than money in a single game – About fifteen years ago, it was reported that a Russian poker player from Murmansk lost all his money in a single game – along with his wife.

    Apparently, when the poker player ran out of poker chips during a heated game, he offered to "add" his wife to the pot. Unsurprisingly, Andrei Kaprov lost the game, and when his wife heard of his obscene offer, she chose to divorce him.

    Later on, Kaprov's ex-wife Tatiana married Sergey Brodov, the one who won the pot in that fateful game in the first place.

Are You Smiling?

Did you know any of the random facts we've just thrown at you? Whether you did or not, you can now rest assured that you are now more well-versed in poker history. Do you think the game is more exciting now that you know more about it? We think so!