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Let your inner joker out as you play poker!

Why is it such a big risk to play poker opposite an alligator? You might lose a hand.

Who doesn't like hearing a good joke here and there? When the joke is really funny, it can easily lift up your spirits, and if it touches on the subject of online poker – it can do more than that!

Have you ever wondered whether you might use humor as a tool to improve your poker skills or just brighten up your life in general? Apparently, laughter is very important both for our mental and physical health.

Now is your chance to learn more about how you can use humor to boost your poker-playing abilities!

The Effects of Laughter on Poker Skills

So, what do experts have to say about how a good laugh can affect your day?

According to Mayo Clinic, there are short-term and long-term benefits to laughing, and they can help you in multiple unexpected ways.

First and foremost, laughter stimulated many organs, like your heart and muscles, in addition to encouraging your brain to release more endorphins – which can affect your mood and increase your feeling of well-being.

Subsequently, a good dose of humor can decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, reducing your levels of stress as you're facing tough poker situations. Also, since laughter can also increase circulation, it can help your muscles relax, reducing your body's response to stress in a somewhat roundabout way.

And lastly, studies show that in some cases, laughter has a similar effect as antidepressants. Experts have found that laughter activates the release of serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter most antidepressants try to mimic. While a good joke won't have a very lasting effect on your serotonin levels, at least you might feel a bit more upbeat for a while!

But those are not the only benefits of humor! Apparently, the more you enjoy some laughter, the stronger your immune system will be, as your body might be able to release more neuropeptides that help fight stress and potential illnesses.

Moreover, watching a funny show or cracking up after reading a good joke can help you relieve pain, increase your personal satisfaction, and of course – bring a smile to your face and make you a happier person altogether.

Why it Is Important to Keep Things Light as You Play Poker

Playing poker – live or online – can be rather stressful. When there is money on the line and you're facing some tough opponents, you might feel a decent amount of pressure. And when stress levels are running high, you might lose your focus and make rash decisions instead of thinking things through.

The less anxious you are as you enjoy the exciting card game, the better you might be able to play. Being more relaxed as you place bets might allow you to make smart decisions and face difficult situations with a calm attitude.

Just One More Parting Joke

Before you begin your next poker session, make sure your spirits are high! Watch a fun TV show, read some jokes, or look at funny YouTube videos to get into the right frame of mind. And remember: What would Batman do if he was losing at Poker? He would summon the joker.