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Are you an observant poker player?

Do you consider yourself an observant person? Someone who pays attention to the smallest details and never misses anything? If you do, then you must think of how to utilize this personality trait to help you win more poker games.

Every multiplayer card game like poker, whether you play live or online, requires you pay attention to your surroundings. Analyzing every situation and looking at all the details might get you the big win you've been waiting for. But what does that really mean? How can you use your observational skill while playing Everygame casino login poker?

Are You an Observant Person?

Before you learn how to utilize your observational powers to become a better poker player, you need to find out whether you have the required personality traits to do so.

In psychology, many experts believe that there are five basic dimensions of personality, mostly known as the Big Five: extroversion, agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, and our main focus today – conscientiousness.

Conscientiousness is a trait that means a person strives to do everything in the best way possible, which requires them to be careful and observant, thus deliberating over any given choices and making decisions in an organized manner.

To understand whether you are a conscientious person, you can take the Big Five Personality Test, but you can also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I always prepared?
  • Am I good at reading body language?
  • Do I like people-watching in general?
  • Am I good at reading different situations and reacting quickly?

If you find yourself answering YES to most of these questions, then congratulations: you are a highly observant person, and you can use that to your advantage.

How to Use Your Observational Skills at the Poker Tables

When you're playing live poker, and you see your opponents face-to-face, there is one major way for you to observe your opponents and learn more about them: pay attention to their gestures, eye contact, and touch behaviors to search for obvious tell.

But when you're playing online poker, you are only left with the option of tracking your opponent's movements to try and figure out their betting patterns. You can do it mid-game, while you're an active part of the action, or take a closer look at your surroundings after folding early.

Here are a few things you should pay close attention to:

  • How often do they bluff?
  • What is their reaction time when they check, fold, or raise?
  • Do they tend to overvalue weak hands?
  • Are they prone to tilting?
  • What is their typical bet size? And does it change when they try to bluff?
  • Do they go for maximal value with their good hands?
  • Are they trying to slow-play big hands?

The more you want to learn about your opponents, the closer you need to look at their gambling behavior. Take the time to analyze all their moves, even if that means sitting out for a few rounds.

Watch Closely and Improve Your Game!

Knowing various poker tactics and strategies is not the only thing that can help you turn into a better poker player. Some personality traits, like being an observational person, can help you achieve your goal of mastering the game much quicker and in a more efficient way.

If you are an observant person, make sure that you use your strong suits to try and win more as you keep playing the game you love!