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Which poker documentaries should you watch?

It has recently been announced that a new poker documentary will hit our screens soon, giving us a glimpse of Doyle Brunson's life as a poker legend. But since this movie isn't available yet, what other documentaries can you watch to learn more about live poker and poker download games?

In the past, we've covered some of the best poker TV shows and fictional movies. And now, it is time we present you with a list of the top poker documentaries you must watch ASAP. Some movies can transport you back in time to teach you about poker history, while others focus more on major poker events and strong players.

Are you ready to learn more about the best poker documentaries out there?

Top 4 Poker Documentaries You Must Watch

There are many different poker 'docu' movies out there, but which ones are the best of the bunch? Here are a few documentaries that can teach you a lot about the game: its history, how to navigate the poker online world, and more.

  1. Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker – Over the years, the online poker industry in the US has undergone some major changes. That's why exploring its history is a fascinating and highly educational experience! In this 2013 documentary, you will get to see how online poker developed in the country by following the stories of poker pros like Danielle Andersen and Tony Dunst, up until Poker Black Friday and its consequences.

  2. One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar – Stu Ungar was one of the best Texas Hold'em players of all time, as he is one of the only pros to win three WSOP Main Events throughout his career. But while Ungar was a highly successful poker player, the troubled life he led caused his untimely death. You can find out more about Ungar's success, his history of drug abuse, and the troubles he got into in this documentary.

  3. KidPoker – Daniel Negreanu is probably one of the most talked-about poker pros in recent years. While his success makes for an interesting topic, his involvement in multiple feuds and challenges made him even more popular. In this 2015 documentary, KidPoker, you will get to learn how Negreanu got to where he is today and how he managed to generate more than $43m in live earnings. And who knows? Maybe you will be able to learn some tips that will help you become a better player than you are today.

  4. Ultimatebeat: Too Much to Lose– Throughout the years, multiple scandals rocked the poker industry. However, not many shocked poker players like the Ultimate Bet scandal. Back in 2007, a scheme of unprecedented proportions was uncovered, affecting the poker industry forever. For years, players on Ultimate Bets lost their money to seemingly unbeatable poker players, not knowing that they had access to everyone's hole cards. Experts estimated that players were cheated out of $20m or more – but how did that happen? And how was the ruse uncovered? This documentary shines a light on the ins and outs of betting scandals and how the law deals with such complex situations.

Are You Ready to Binge on Poker Documentaries?

Online poker has a fascinating history from which you can learn a lot. Watching documentaries can make for a fun evening if you're planning on staying in for the night. Which movie do you think you'll be watching this week?