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Celebrity poker players dominate the game!

We see them on the screen, on stage, and featured in paparazzi shots. But have you ever seen any celebrities at the poker tables? Neymar Jr., who was spotted at a few of the latest WSOP events, is the latest celeb to grace poker venues with his presence. But he is not the first to do so and is certainly not the last!

Over the years, we've heard of many kinds of celebrities – from actors to comedians – figuring out rake poker rules and dominating the tables. Who are those celebrities that found online and live poker so captivating? And are they really that good at the game? Let's find out!

5 Celebrities Who Became Good Poker Players

  1. Ben Affleck – He's an actor. A producer. And… a poker player? Sounds too good to be true. But nonetheless – Affleck has been known to play live poker from time to time. Affleck has been involved in the poker world since the early 2000s and quickly became a rather dexterous player. His biggest recorded win took place in 2004, as he won 1st place in the California State Poker Championship, leaving the table with $356,400 in his pocket. Since then, he didn't participate in many official events, but he still remained involved in poker. In 2020, amidst the pandemic that swept the globe, Affleck teamed up with fellow superstar Matt Damon to organize a celebrity poker game that raised money for charity.

  2. Matt Damon – After taking on the role of an avid poker player in the movie Rounders in 1998, the actor and producer seem to have fallen in love with the thrilling game. Over the years, he played in two WSOP events – in 1998 and 2009 - but was eliminated early on. However, Damon plays plenty of privet poker games, in addition to getting involved in many poker projects that involve charity.

  3. Kevin Hart – As one of the most renowned comedians in the US, nobody thought Kevin Hart could get so serious about mastering the art of poker. He started playing poker more than a decade ago and had many cash finishes between 2008 and 2014, earning him $47,828 in the process. But even though Hart didn't have cash finishes since then, he hasn't disappeared from the poker arena. He even became a poker ambassador for two major poker brands, stating that his mission was to make poker fun.

  4. Jennifer Tilly – The actress mostly known for her role in Child's Play and Bullets Over Broadway is also one of the most successful female poker pros out there. Over the years, she made $1,034,348 in live earnings, her last cash finish taking place in 2019. Tilly was the first celebrity to win a WSOP bracelet, as she dominated the $1,000 Ladies Only Event in 2005. The same year, she won second place at a World Poker Tour event, which helped her launch her successful poker career.

  5. Tobey Maguire – The actor, who became an icon after landing the leading role in the Spide-Man franchise, has a pretty intense and unusual history when it comes to poker. He participated in a few official WSOP events and different poker tournaments, earning about $218,858. But Maguire is mostly known for his involvement in private, high-stakes poker games. If you've heard about the Molly Bloom scandal, you probably know that she hinted at the fact that the Spider-Man actor was the driving force behind the illegal gatherings. We all know how this scandal ended, but what's interesting is that while there are no official records of those games, it has been estimated that Maguire might have won more than $30 million in those games.

In Conclusion

Poker can be a highly entertaining and even addictive game, and even A-list celebrities can't resist the fun. Who is your favorite celebrity poker pro?