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A guide to playing in online Sit-and-Go poker tournaments.

A Sit-and-Go Tournament, also known as a Sit-N-Go, is a special kind of poker tournament that has no scheduled starting time. Instead of a starting time, the tournament begins as soon as the specified number of players are sitting at the table and ready to go.

Sit-and-Go Tournaments tend to be fast-moving and action-packed and they are considered an excellent way for beginning poker players, especially those who play poker online, to gain knowledge, experience, and confidence in their game.

Getting Started: First You Sit, Then You Go

The Everygame Online Poker site offers three ways to play poker online: Ring Games, Tournaments, and Sit-and-Go. So the first step is to enter the Poker Room lobby and select Sit-and-Go.

Now, before you are actually ready to sit and go, you have a few more choices to make:

  • Game Type: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha HiLo are all available in Sit-and-Go format at Everygame Poker. Pick your favorite poker game.
  • Buy-In: This is the entrance fee to join the Sit-and-Go Tournament. The Buy-Ins for online Sit-and-Go Tournaments at Everygame range from a low of $0.10 to a high of $200.00, with many possibilities in between to suit any bankroll and any preference. In the typical arrangement, if the Buy-In is $1.00, then $0.90 will go into the Prize Pool and $0.10 will go to the casino so it can pay its electric bill and continue hosting online poker games.
  • Number of Participants: Everygame offers Heads-Up Sit-and-Go Tournaments for two players; Single-Table Sit-and-Go Tournaments for three, four, six, eight, or ten; and Multi-Table Sit-and-Go’s for twelve or eighteen. Take your pick.

Once you have made your selections, it is time to Sit and Go. To Sit means to register for the tournament, pay your Buy-In, and take a seat at the virtual online poker table. And once the requisite number of participants have taken their seats, it is time to Go, which means, of course, to start playing poker!

Playing the Sit-and-Go Poker Tournament

All the players in the Sit-and-Go are given an equal number of chips to start off with, usually in the range of 500 to 2500 chips. When a player runs out of chips, he is eliminated from the tournament. In a Heads-Up Sit-and-Go, that means the tournament is over: you have a winner and a loser. In a Multi-Table Sit-and-Go, tables can be consolidated as more players are eliminated. But in every case, the guiding principle remains the same: a player who runs out of chips is eliminated, and the tournament continues until only one player remains, and that player is crowned the Champion of the Sit-and-Go.

Winning a Prize at the Sit-and-Go

The number of prizes and the size of the prizes in any Sit-and-Go Tournament depend on the number of players, the amount of the Buy-In, and the rules of the particular tournament.

In all poker tournaments, the last person remaining with chips is the First Place Winner. The last player to be eliminated wins Second Place, the player eliminated before him is Third, and so on. A Heads-Up tournament is winner-take-all: the winner gets the entire prize pool and the loser gets nothing. A 6-person tournament might award two prizes, an 8-person tournament award three, and a 12- or 18-person multi-table tournament award four.

For example, in a typical Texas Hold’em Sit-and-Go Tournament with 8 players and a $10 Buy-In, a tournament fee of $6.24 is taken by the casino, and the Prize Pool of $73.76 is distributed to the top three finishers:

  • First Prize: $36.88
  • Second Prize: $22.13
  • Third Prize: $14.75

Of course, this is only an example. Your tournament might differ. But in every case, in every tournament, the prize structure is always posted prominently in advance, so you will always know what you are playing for.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Joining a Sit-and-Go Tournament is a great way to enjoy playing poker online. So pick your game and your buy-in and your tournament size and Sit and Go! Have fun and good luck!