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How to play poker with friends and keep smiling!

Playing poker is fun. And when you play with friends and family? Even better! But even though poker night can be really exciting, it can also turn into a complete mess if you don't follow poker etiquette.

Whether you play poker online or on your dining room table, if you want to involve your friends in the experience – you have to follow some etiquette guidelines to avoid any inconvenience. After all, you don't want to lose any friendships because the game got too intense. And if you've ever played Monopoly, you know that playing games with close ones can get highly competitive!

Now is your chance to learn how to play poker with friends without negatively affecting your relationships.

5 Poker Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

If you want everyone to leave the poker tables happy, content, and with no hard feelings – you have to make sure you're not stepping on anyone's toes. Here's how you can do that:

  1. No slow-rolling – It's the final showdown. You know you have an extremely strong hand and that you'll probably win. But instead of revealing your cards on the spot, you intentionally hesitate – which might create the illusion that you're unsatisfied with your hand. That's called slow rolling, and it achieves nothing other than making your opponent believe he might win. Creating false hope is ungentlemanly, and it might irk your opponents – especially if they are friends. So, if you know you're going to win, rip off the band-aid as quickly as possible.

  2. Don't interfere in a game you're no longer a part of – When you decide to fold, you have an opportunity to watch your opponents' moves and figure out their strategies. But sometimes, simply watching can become boring, and that's when most online poker players turn to the chat: they comment on the game, poker their friends, and so on. But that's the wrong move! It can confuse and distract those who are still playing, and they can easily get mad at you for ruining their concentration.

  3. Be careful with what you write in the live chat – When friends play poker together, joking around and teasing your mates is only natural. But when you play for real money, the atmosphere can be rather tense, and the jokes can turn nasty. So, be careful with what you write in the live chat, so as not to create a negative vibe.

  4. Don't slow down the game intentionally – When you play online poker, especially if you do that with friends, you should keep things moving quickly. Players can get impatient and lose focus if you take too long to make every single decision, and that's bad etiquette all around.

  5. Lose with dignity – Having the right attitude as you play poker online is crucial if you want to play with friends. It's all fun and games as long as you're winning, but the moment you lose – your mood might immediately turn sour, and if you're not careful – you might take it out on your friends. So, if you want to have a spectacular poker experience win or lose, make sure to react calmly even if you lose some cash in the process.

Who Are You Inviting for a Poker Session?

You can always host poker night in your living room, but inviting your friends to play online will have all the fun without the hassle! If you plan on playing online poker with your friends, make sure to follow the most crucial etiquette rules, so everyone will be able to enjoy the experience without taking any friendly fire.