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Simple vs. complicated: what is better? Let Everygame Poker clear the way.

What does getting better at poker mean to you? When faced with this question, many players believe that you must learn and employ as many new tactics as possible to master poker. Players with this mindset think that the more complex your poker play is – the more you can benefit from poker no deposit bonuses.

But in reality, overcomplicated moves and strategies can only hinder your ability to perfect your poker play. In many instances, the simpler your moves are – the better. What is the logic behind simplifying your poker strategy? And what do you need to do to avoid fancy play? Learn the answers to those questions NOW!

All You Need to Know About Simple Poker Strategies

First of all, there is one important question we need to answer: why is it so important to keep things simple when you place poker bets? It can all be easily explained by Fancy Play Syndrome. That means that you make decisions based on whether they make you look cool or not - instead of thinking things through.

If you ever make an unconventional or non-optimal move to show off your skills – you're doing something wrong. Some players, for example, use a limp strategy unnecessarily at the pre-flop stage, go all-in too often, and so on.

While those are some solid techniques, you need to employ them at the right moment for them to work. But if you use those tactics too frequently, it will backfire, as seasoned players will be able to use your moves against you.

In most cases, games require a simple and straightforward poker strategy, so try to avoid overcomplicated moves if the situation doesn't call for it.

Simple Poker Strategy 101

  1. Go back to the basics – To simplify your poker play, you need to let go of the misconception that you always have to use 100% of your arsenal to win a poker game. In reality, you mainly need a profound understanding of basic poker rules to get a decent profit while playing.
  2. Be humble – No matter how good you are, there is always bound to be a better and smarter player out there. If you think that you only need a complicated move to scare and weed out your competition– you're wrong. Remember that experienced poker pros won't be blinded or intimidated by your tactics, so treat all players as equals. And don't underestimate anyone!
  3. Remember that less is more – It is only natural to want to try out a new strategy you learn straight away, only to see whether it works or not. But sometimes, you need to take a step back and save your smart moves for a later date if you want to get a better outcome. Every time you get overexcited, take a minute to review your situation and decide whether you really need to use a certain tactic at that specific moment. If not, stick to simpler moves until the situation warrants the use of a more complex approach.

With the help of those three simple tips, you might be able to approach each poker session with a clear mind and without making any disastrous assumptions.

In Conclusion

There is time for everything in poker. You will always have a chance to unleash your poker skills in full force, but those moments are few and far in between. In most cases, you will have to use simpler moves to get the desired outcome, so make sure you're able to avoid overcomplicating things too often!