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Buying presents for poker players is not that complicated!  Let our Everygame gift guide help!

In the past, finding a gift for poker players was not a hard task. You could go to the nearest store and find a poker-related gift with minimal effort. But nowadays, as most players can't enjoy live poker anymore, what kind of presents can they find useful?

As people now rarely meet in big groups to play poker, gifting players with new kits of poker chips, folding poker tables, and similar gifts is no longer relevant. Therefore, buying a gift for a poker enthusiast in a time when online poker is the main source of entertainment requires out-of-the-box thinking.

Stay tuned and find out what are the best poker gift ideas for this holiday season in our Everygame holiday guide!

5 Best Gift Ideas for Poker Lovers

  1. Online courses – Since the holiday season can provide players with extra time to practice and get better at the game, why not help them out?  There are plenty of online coaches and different courses people can take to learn more about the game. Your gift can consist of a single lesson or a full course, classes for beginners or for experts – all depending on how much money you're willing to spend.

  2. Poker tools – This is another gift you can easily buy without stepping out of the house. If the person you're buying a gift for is serious about poker, and he wants to learn the numbers and statistics behind each move, he is bound to appreciate an advanced poker tool. Those tools can often analyze entire sessions, looking for potential mistakes, and helping players understand the game better. Some of the available tools can be pricey, but the majority are quite inexpensive.

  3. Prepaid cards – If the person in question isn't trying to become the next poker legend, online guides or tools might be too much. But providing poker players with prepaid cards, gift cards, or vouchers – which some casinos accept – is something players of all levels might enjoy. You can decide exactly how much money you can put on those cards, which makes it perfectly affordable.

  4. Memory foam seat cushion – Since people now have to spend more time sitting in front of their computer, even when playing poker, making sure they are comfortable is always a good thing. Seat cushions can help improve posture and reduce the chances of back or leg pain. These cushions can be easily found online and delivered to your door in no time.

  5. Noise canceling headphones – Playing poker at home might be fun, but when you're surrounded by family members who are stuck indoors as well – things can get chaotic. Concentrating on your poker play might be hard under those circumstances, which is why looking for ways to disconnect from your environment is important. If you know of poker enthusiasts who aren't able to focus on the game, buying them noise-canceling headphones might do the trick! Those will allow players to enjoy a good poker session while listening to great music and ignoring their troubles – even for a little bit.

Are You Ready to Start the Celebrations?

Once you get gift shopping out of the way, you will be able to enjoy the holiday season to its fullest! Which poker-related gifts would you like to get this year?