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Playing Poker at Everygame Poker can positively influence your life in many ways!

When discussing the effects online poker has on society, articles mostly focus on the negative side of things, talking about problem gamblers. However, the positive impact online poker bonuses have on our lives is not being discussed as much, even though there is a lot to say.

Poker can influence the player’s life on many levels: it can affect the player personally, interpersonally (affecting the player’s relationship with other people), and it can affect society in general.

Various studies that have been made on the subject show that if you play poker, either professionally or recreationally, it will probably affect your finances, your health and wellbeing, and the state of your community. Let’s take a closer look at what those effects can be:

Positive Financial Effects

According to a study that was conducted in Macao, where gambling is a massive attraction for tourists and locals alike, people who work in the gambling industry have higher salaries than the average person.

Some gamblers can also turn their passion into a legitimate career path, as there are people that can earn a significant income from betting. And out of all the available forms of gambling, poker is the most profitable way to earn a decent amount of money.

Positive Influence on Health

When asked about the state of their health, 54% of recreational gamblers said they consider themselves in good or excellent health.

But most surprisingly of all, it seems as if older gamblers benefit more from playing poker than any other type of players. Studies show that gamblers aged 65 or older reported they consider themselves in better health than non-gamblers.

Older adults who gamble recreationally also reported they have better physical and mental health. It can all be attributed to the fact that online poker provides older individuals with better options for socialization, being a part of a community, and travelling for gambling purposes.

It was also reported that when a gambler comes from a lower socioeconomic background, placing bets helps him be more optimistic and able to deal with hardship. The hypothesis is that gambling gives people hope they might win someday, believing that they will be able to improve their circumstances even if their current situation is dire.

Positive Benefits for the Community

Online poker can influence our society in two main ways: financially and socially. First of all, gambling can help increase government revenue and overall economic growth. The government can benefit from legalizing online and offline gambling by taxing revenues, providing gambling services directly, and more.

Also, when people earn better salaries, poverty rates go down. Therefore, if gamblers are able to make a decent amount of money from playing poker, it has an indirect effect on society in general. That is especially true when it comes to Native American communities across the US, operating and working in on-site casinos.

Apart from that, offline gambling venues attract more business to the community. More tourists mean more revenue for local bars, restaurants, and hotels.

When it comes to the social aspect of gambling, playing poker is able to bring people together, even if they live on opposite parts of the country. Such strong communities have the power to do some good, as was proven multiple times over the years.

Poker players are often able to raise money for charities and good causes, like helping Australian wildlife during the fires or helping raise awareness and cash for pediatric cancer.

In Conclusion

While talking about the disadvantages of gambling is common practice, not a lot of people pay attention to the positive effects playing poker has on our lives. All-in-all, poker can, and does, have positive effects on public health as reported by the NIH (National Institutes of Health).  Has poker been able to change your life for the better?