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We often talk about how playing poker online can teach you a lot about how to handle yourself in business and life in general. But have you ever heard of any poker pros making the transition from a poker venue to a conference room? Probably not.

While is there no shortage of businessmen and businesswomen like Bill Perkins and Ellen Leikind who grace the poker tables with their presence, you rarely hear about poker players making a career change and going into business-related fields. But even though it is not discussed often, doesn't mean it doesn't happen!

We are here to cover some of the most exciting transitions poker players made into the business world. Are you ready to find out more?

Igor Kurganov Helps Out Elon Musk

Elon Musk is arguably one of the most successful people on the planet, as his current net worth surpasses 215.1 billion USD. Some people say that to be that successful, one must be able to be open-minded enough to listen to the advice of all kinds of people.

This time around, Musk decided to consult with a professional poker player: Igor Kurganov. According to reports, Musk asked the poker player to help run the Musk Foundation. Kurganov, a philanthropist of his own accord, has been working with the Musk Foundation for years now. Interestingly enough, while Musk donated billions of dollars to various charities, many of them used Kurganov's services. So, Musk decided to go straight to the source, asking the poker pro and angel investor to keep in touch with the beneficiaries of his fund and consider their proposals.

How Poker Helped Fund a New Business

Poker can teach you a lot about business. It teaches you that you must take risks to succeed, that working hard will get you far, and that you have to seize every opportunity you