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Surprise! Some underrated poker hands can still bring you a win.

Every player gets excited when getting a pair of aces or even two kings since those cards are of high value. But when they get seemingly weaker combinations, disappointment sets in. But it turns out there not all lesser combinations are that bad! There are many underrated online poker hands that might look unappealing at first, but they can actually help you create a pretty powerful hand combination.

Now is your chance to discover which hands might prove to be more profitable than you might think and learn what to do when you get those card combos!

3 Underrated Poker Hands You Should Know About

Many hand combinations in Texas Hold'em might seem unprofitable at first glance, but if you give them a chance – they might prove to be more valuable than other hands. Here is a list of the top 5 underrated hands you should pay attention to:

  1. A jack-nine combo of the same suit – In poker, suited gappers can prove to be rather lucrative under the right circumstances. When only a single card separates your suited hole cards, you have a chance of getting either a straight or a flush hand. The jack-nine combo is especially good since it also has a chance of creating a pretty decent two-pairs hand if things go your way. Statistically speaking, this hand can help you win about 20% of the time.
  2. Small pocket pairs – Although playing with small pocket pairs in an early position can be rather risky - those hole cards can prove to be rather lucrative if your timing is right. Sometimes, low-valued pocket pairs can still create the strongest hand at the table if your opponents have nothing better. Playing this hand cautiously can prove to be highly beneficial if you know what you're doing.
  3. A 7-4 combo – While this hand can't compete with a high-valued pair - it can still be surprisingly lucrative in specific scenarios. You can only play this hand in late position, and if no one is raising straight off the bat, you still have a shot at stealing the pot. If the community cards get you a straight or two pairs, you have a 25%-37% chance of winning.

Why Is It Important to Pay Attention to Underrated Hands?

More often than not, when we get weak hole cards, our initial instinct is to fold. But if you understand which cards have the potential to turn into powerful combinations, you might not be as quick to quit!

While requiring careful handling, those cards can bring you a surprising win no one will see coming. So, whenever you get a seemingly weak hand, take a moment at the pre-flop stage, and consider all your options. If you're in the perfect position, playing against the right players – you should take a chance and keep playing. Who knows? You might be able to score a major win and create a name for yourself at the poker tables.

In Conclusion

You should never jump to conclusions at the pre-flop stage. Every combination of hole cards can prove to be rather impressive if played correctly, so take the time to learn which cards can bring you a possible win, and make sure that you don't miss out on any opportunity to increase your wins! Are you ready to place your bets?