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Don't let your poker mistakes haunt you!

When the leaves turn golden and temperatures drop, one of the most haunting holidays of the year comes around. Halloween gives us a chance to let loose, put on a costume, and pretend we're someone else for a night. But this holiday also has a darker side, dealing with mystical phenomena, spirits, and hauntings.

In the spirit of the holiday, not only do you get Everygame poker bonus codes, but you also receive a chance to learn how to deal with haunting hands from your past. Are you ready to learn how to let go of the past so you might become a better player?

Dealing With Poker Hands that Give You Nightmares

We all have that one hand we regret forever. Some regret not betting on a hand that turned out to be profitable, while others can't stop thinking about the promising hand that turned into a major flop.

Psychologists studied how regret affects us, and one study even showed that 24% of people regretted the things they did, while 76% regretted not taking action. And while regretting a bold move you made at the poker tables, it seems as if folding too soon can cause more damage to your psyche.

When your attempt to pull off a great poker move fails, you can learn from it, reassess, and do things differently the next time. But when you regret past inactions, you don't have the same forward drive that might allow you to move on from the situation.

Remember that one time you chose to fold early in the game, only to find out that your hand was good enough to win you the entire pot? That's exactly what we're talking about.

Always thinking about what could have been and what you did wrong can only serve to lower your self-esteem. And as you know, showing confidence at the poker table is a crucial part of the game. Knowing how to deal with those feelings of regret is important if you want to overcome your weaknesses and become a stronger player.

How to Overcome Self-Doubt During a Poker Game

  1. Acknowledge your feelings – It's OK to be sad about missing out on a great opportunity. Feeling disappointed is inevitable, and it is important for you to let those feeling the acknowledgment they deserve. However, don't dwell on the negative! Take a minute, compose yourself, and move on.
  2. Put things into perspective – Remember that even though you might have lost on a major opportunity, it is not the end of the world. You will have many more chances to make a profit while playing poker, and you only need to remain vigilant and focused on the future instead of the past.
  3. Be prepared for what's to come – Learn from your past mistakes and use your experience to make better decisions in future games. There is no guarantee that you will always make the right decision, but the more you play and acquire knowledge, the higher your chances of winning!

Are You Ready for a Spooky Poker Experience?

Let the past lie and use your experience to fuel your confidence as you play poker! Use the best Halloween poker promotions to boost your self-esteem even further and turn a simple poker session into a memorable adventure.