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Avoid those simple mistakes and become a better poker player!

Every poker player, pros and recreational players alike, dreams of winning big cash prizes as they play poker online – no matter how farfetched this aspiration may be. That’s why people do their best to understand the game, all while they use poker no deposit bonuses to boost wins regularly.

But even though players often use every means possible to win as much cash as they can, they often lose a substantial amount of cash as they make some amateur mistakes.

If you want to increase your chances of winning when you play poker, you need to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Playing passively – When you look at successful poker players, you might notice that most of them have an aggressive playing style. They place bets and raise frequently, while newbies usually decide to call. Since being an aggressive player can be intimidating, as it is a bit riskier, a lot of new players choose to be a bit more passive. 

    However, this playing technique often creates the impression that you're not confident in the hand you have, and stronger players will use that to their advantage. They will keep raising the bets and putting pressure on you till you fold, but not before you invest money in the game. So don’t be shy and try to be a bit more aggressive to try and scare your competition.

  • Playing loosely – A lot of beginner poker players believe that playing more hands will intimidate the competition, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have a weak hand, and you still decide to place a bet, you can get yourself into a messy situation, and lose money in the process. 

    Experienced players will immediately figure you out, thus luring you into similarly dangerous positions, and reducing your chances of making a profit. Therefore, you need to be more careful with what hands you decide to play, to avoid unnecessary heartache.

  • Ignoring your position – Your position in the game is crucial when you have to decide whether to place a bet or to fold. However, a lot of players ignore the issue and make incorrect decisions that affect their gameplay. 

    Remember that if you are in early position, you should only play very strong hands, as there are too many unknown factors that can influence the game. However, in late position, you have the privilege of seeing the other player’s actions before you make your own decision. Therefore, you will be able to play riskier hands and still win.

  • Overcomplicating the situation – You might have heard of Fancy Play Syndrome (aka FPS) when getting acquainted with the game. It describes players who choose overly creative and overcomplicated ways to play a hand when a simpler approach can yield better results. 

    A lot of players - both newbies and veteran gamblers - fall into this trap, mainly because they feel the need to impress their competitors and the pressure gets to them. So be careful, and think through your every move before executing complicated moves.

In Conclusion

If you want to be a successful poker player and win as much cash as possible, you should learn how to avoid the most common mistakes many players make. Once you manage that, your chances of winning big will increase exponentially!