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How to play a flush draw to get better at poker!

When your pocket cards are comprised of two A's, consecutive cards, or cards of the same suit – you have a chance of creating a pretty strong hand. But while many poker hand combinations seem very promising at first, one wrong decision can reduce their worth in an instant.

Many poker players have contemplated the best ways to play specific hands to ensure a win. One of the poker hands pros often discuss is a flush poker combo. What is the best way to play a flush poker draw? When there is a decent chance you might create a winning flush hand, you can choose one of two courses of action:

  1. Play aggressively – if your position allows it and the pot is big enough to be worth the risk.
  2. Adopt a more passive approach – if your opponent is a tight player who chooses to stay in the game, that might mean he has a strong hand himself. You should take fewer risks in this scenario.

Learn more about how to better play a flush poker draw and increase your chances of outwitting your toughest opponents.

All You Need to Know About Flush Combos in Poker

A flush in poker is the 5th strongest hand you can get while playing poker online. When the flop reveals multiple cards of the same suit as your pocket cards, you are drawing to a flush.

Drawing in poker means that your hand is incomplete, and you need a few more cards to complete a strong combo. After the flop, you might find yourself closer than ever to having a flush hand, but that doesn't mean you'll have the strongest hand by the end of the game.

So, how should you play a flush draw to decrease the amount of risk involved? And how can you make the most of a flush combo to win more cash? Here are a few things you should think about:

  • What is your highest card? – If you have a chance at creating a flush hand with the help of the community cards, so do other players. Low pocket cards might allow your opponents to outshine you with a slightly better flush hand, so be careful!
  • Can your opponent get a better hand? – In case of a draw, you are still not guaranteed a win, even if the situation looks promising. You should look at the community cards at every step of the game and try to figure out whether those cards can help others create even stronger hands. Can your opponent create a full house combo? Is it possible for him to get a four-of-a-kind? And what about a straight flush or royal flush? All of those outrank a regular flush hand, so take the time to analyze the situation and make sure your chances of winning are as high as possible.

If you decide against folding in an effort to test your luck, there are two strategies you should consider using. First of all, if you are unsure of yourself, and you know you're up against an aggressive or right player – you should play it slow. Be more passive by checking or calling, so you will be able to bow out if the risk reaches dangerous levels.

The second strategy is exactly the opposite, as in some cases, you should play as aggressively as possible. When you're in position and when your opponent tends to be slightly passive, you have a chance to intimidate them into folding. That's called a semi-bluff, as you have a chance of winning, but it is not a guaranteed thing.

Overall, the probability of getting a flush hand after being in a draw situation stand at about 34.97%. That means that a third of the time, you might actually make a profit and win a flush draw hand. And those are some good odds!

Are You Ready to Place Your Bets?

The next time you get a flush draw, make sure you take into account all the relevant information to make a risk-free decision. Or better yet, use the right strategy to increase your chances of acing your poker session!