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Online or Live Poker - it's up to you!

Millions of people all around the world play poker day in, day out. Some prefer to attend live games at land-based venues, while others are fonder of playing poker online.

If you’ve only experienced one of the two options, you’re probably wondering: what is the difference between online and live poker? After all, both of them feature the same game, the same rules, and they are both enjoyable.

But if you inspect the matter more closely, you will discover that there are distinct differences between the online and live poker gaming options.  

The Atmosphere

One of the main things that distinguish online poker from the live version is the ambiance surrounding the entire affair. When playing online, you can place bets while lounging on your sofa and enjoy the game in a stress-free environment.

On the other hand, the atmosphere at brick-and-mortar poker venues is charged with excitement, filling your body with adrenalin, and maybe leading you to make bolder decisions. Each gaming environment will affect your betting behaviour differently, and that is something every poker player should consider before choosing a poker venue.

The Pace of the Game

Another thing that separates online poker from live games is the pace in which the game develops. When you play poker online, decisions are made in seconds, and you will get to play more hands per hour.

In live games, however, things progress much slower. Poker players take their time to read their opponents and calculate winning odds, which means that you have to be more patient when going down this route of gaming.

Applying Different Game Strategies

When you play poker online, many experts advise you to bet aggressively. You can raise the stakes time and time again to intimidate your opponents, and in many cases, it will work out just fine for you. However, when you play live games, you will notice that most gamers are more passive when it comes to betting.

More often than not, they will call and hope for the best, but you will rarely see three-betting or aggressive raises. The reason behind this strategy lies with the fact the many poker players prefer to avoid building a big pot. Playing small is the same as playing safe, and players often try to win by raking in small pots - one after the other.

Using Strategy Tools

Here is one of the most significant differences between the two poker options: when you play live, you only have your own memory and observational skills to rely on during the game. However, when you play online, you can use various poker tools to help you make decisions at the table, thus increasing your edge with little effort on your part.

Play Poker Now!

There is no denying the fact that live poker is nothing like online gambling. Now that you know how the two poker options differ from one another, will you play live poker? Or does online gambling sound more appealing?