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Texas Hold'em: can this poker variant be crowned as the best?

Omaha, 7-Card Stud, Chinese Poker – many different poker variants of the game exist out there, and they all have fun and exciting features. But none of those variants is as popular as Texas Hold'em poker – a game you can find on most online poker platforms.

Why is Texas Hold'em so popular? What makes this game stand out so dramatically? Find out everything you need to know about the game before you test the waters by yourself!

Why Texas Hold'em is the Best Poker Variant

So, who should you try Texas Hold'em before any other poker style? Here are a few things you should take into account:

  1. Texas Hold'em rules are easy to learn – While you can always learn new strategies to get better at the game, the basics of the game are pretty straightforward. You can learn the rules of Texas Hold'em in mere minutes, which is quite appealing to new players. You can just start playing, get a better feeling of the game, and develop your personal playing style on the go. What can be better than that?

  2. There are so many sources for you to learn from – In the past decade, the web has been bursting at the seams with Texas Hold'em guides, videos, and online mentoring programs. Since there is so much information accessible to you – some of it completely free of charge – it makes it even easier to learn how to play the game and hone your skills. Therefore, it is easier for new players to get acquainted with this specific poker variant with minimal effort.

  3. It looks good on screen - When movies or TV shows center around a casino theme, they usually focus on one of two games: blackjack or Texas Hold'em poker. Movies like Rounders and Casino Royale put this game on the map, surrounding the game with a mysterious and exhilarating aura people can't seem to get enough of. In addition to that, many books and even pop songs jumped in on the trend of being poker-oriented, turning this game into a cultural phenomenon.

  4. The poker boom reintroduced the game to the world – People became more aware of Texas Hold'em over the years, as many important events helped build the game's reputation. First of all, as we've already mentioned, Rounders came out in 1998, followed by the introduction of online poker in the same year. But what made people really take notice of Texas Hold'em is the rising popularity of the World Series of Poker, and from the moment the tournament began to be televised, the interest in the game practically skyrocketed.

  5. It suits all kinds of players – Another great thing about the game is that people from all walks of life can play and enjoy it. You can be a complete newbie with minimal knowledge of the game and still find the right place to play without playing against sharks. There are low-stakes games that specifically target recreational players, while professional poker savants get to enjoy high-stakes games and events.

To Sum Things Up…

Not only is Texas Hold'em one of the easiest poker variants you can learn, but it is also highly accessible to all types of players. If you want to learn everything there is about the game, figure out the hand-ranking system, read a few articles to get some tips, and you're all set to go!