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Are you ready to build a snowman… or at least use it to win a poker game?

Most poker hands have unique and quirky nicknames, all based on the cards' resemblance to iconic figures, songs, or even specific objects. Snowmen, for example, is a nickname given to an 8-8 card combo, as those numbers look just like a pair of snow globes.

If you get bestowed with a Snowmen's hand while playing poker this winter, you should learn exactly how to play it! Is it a good hand or not? When should you keep playing, and when is it best to fold? Find out how you can make the most of a Snowmen's hand before you get buried under an avalanche of bad choices in our Everygame poker guide!

How to Play an 8-8 Poker Hand

When you get a middle-range pair in poker, you need to think twice before deciding whether to keep playing or fold. A middle pocket pair can appear in the form of 8s, 9s, and even a couple of jacks - creating a hand with plenty of potential… as long as you play it right.

A middle pair like 8-8 is tricky for one main reason: it's not the best hand in the world, but it is also not the worst. With a hand like this, you have pretty much 50-50 odds of winning or losing big, which makes the decision that much harder.

When you don't have a clear-cut indication that your hand is the strongest one out there, you have to take into account multiple factors that can affect your ability to win.

First of all, don't fold too early in the game, as you might miss out on a great opportunity. Wait for the flop and assess your odds once the first community cards are revealed.

Let's say your hole cards are ♥2 and ♦8. The flop has revealed the following cards: ♣5, ♥8, and ♠6. Now you have to think about your opponents: is it possible they have a stronger hand than yours? In this case, even lower-valued cards can help your opponents create a winning hand like a straight. Therefore, you can't necessarily rely on the possibility your hand will outshine lower-valued pairs.

In this case, if you decide to stay in the game, you shouldn't raise. Instead, check if possible and wait for the turn before raising the stakes. If your opponents decide to raise the bet, you should call - but only if there isn't too much risk involved. Decide how much money you're willing to risk in an uncertain situation like that even before the game starts, and never exceed your limits.

After the turn, you are bound to understand your odds better. If the community cards reveal a very mismatched variety of numbers and suits (for example ♥2, ♣A, ♦8, and ♠10), it is possible that a middle pair would be enough to grant you a win.

However, if there is a possibility for a stronger hand, this is the time to fold. In the grand scheme of things, a middle-range pair can only beat a weaker pair, and there are many other possible hands that can outshine your double 8s – two pairs (even of a lower value), three-of-a-kind, etc. Recalculate your odds and only keep playing if the odds are in your favor.

In Conclusion

As winter gets more intense by the day and people prefer to remain indoors, it is important for poker fans to brush up on their online playing skills. Learning how to deal with a 'snowmen' hand can help you ace the next game you play, so get ready!