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Game Review - Max Quest Wrath of Ra

You will be blown away by our awesome new addition to the Betsoft games!

If you are looking for a game that’s new, and Game that’s fun and a Game that is different from what you have played before then the adventure of a life time is waiting for you in Max Quest Wrath of Ra.

This game offers a new way of wagering than what is seen in traditional slots.  The objective it is to aim fire and destroy the enemy before they leave the screen.  However like traditional slots no skill is required; all you have to do is use your mouse to aim at the desired enemy and left click to shoot. Each shot counts as a wager and once the enemy is destroyed you receive a reward. Every shot that you miss bounces around the screen until an enemy is hit and if no enemies are displayed the wager is returned to your balance.

In Max quest you also get to use different weapons.  You start the game with the normal weapon used to fire your bullets however you have the option to pick up special weapons dropped by destroyed enemies as well as buy weapons from the treasure chest option.   These special weapons act as free spins as they do not use regular bullets and they also hit harder than the normal weapon making it easier to destroy enemies.

Speaking of destroying enemies, you’re given normal and special enemies to target. The normal enemies range from scarabs to Pharaohs while the Special enemies range from Fire enemies to even the Gods.  At the end of every round you may be given the chance to play the Special “God Event”. During this event all other enemies will be removed and one of the Egyptian Gods will be summed to the screen with their servants. Destroying the God will earn you a huge treasure chest full of special prizes.

Treasure, action and excitement! You will love this new game!