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Banana King

See what the Monkey King has in store in our casino Game of the Week!

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Monkeys are large apes with huge appetites that spend most of their day looking for food. Most monkeys enjoy fruits and other forms of vegetation, but the monkeys living in Banana Forest are hungry for great deals and the Monkey King is never stingy.

Banana King offers you awesome features such as free spins, whilst an awesome bonus game and the Wilds will keep you coming back for more.

With the bright and colorful graphics and amazing theme music, fun is practically guaranteed!



Help the Monkey King pick his favorite fruit: Choose the banana bunches available among the fruits and for each pick you will receive a prize.


This symbol works like a Joker, and can substituted for any non-special symbol to get an even better reward.


When three or more free-spin symbols appear, the player is guaranteed a number of free spins.

Go to the download version of the poker software, click on the CASINO tab, choose WORLDMATCH and play Banana King or any other game you like!