Loyalty Levels

Loyalty Levels is the Everygame Poker instant rewards program that awards players with cash for earning Frequent Player Points (FPP) to complete Tiers.

Just as there is a designated number of FPPs to earn per tier, there are a designated number of tiers to complete to advance a level. As you advance through all 50 Loyalty Levels you will be completing multiple tiers before advancing, and of course, collecting multiple rewards within each level.

The Basics

» Each level has a set number of tiers within it. Lower levels start with one and increase as you progress to higher levels.
» Complete all the tiers in a level to advance to the next level.
» Every tier you complete pays out according to what level you are. The higher the level you are at, the more you make.
» Once you make it to a Loyalty Level, it is difficult to fall back. The only way you will go backwards is if you fail to earn enough FPPs over the course of two back-to-back months. In that case, you will be returned to level 10. You will NEVER lose a level if you are under level 11.

Turbo Tiers

We reward you every time you complete a tier, no matter how long it takes you. However, the faster you complete a tier the more rewards you will reap with Turbo and Super Turbo Bonuses.

Visit the rewards section in the Everygame Poker client to view your current level, how many FPPs you need to receive your next reward, Loyalty Levels history and to use our levels calculator to view the FPP and prize details of every level.